St. Louis Style Spare Ribs Slow & Low on Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Pellet Smoker Recipe


About 6.5 pounds of St. Louis Style Spare Ribs
Yellow Mustard
Pork Rub of choice
Apple Juice


Pellets Flavor Recommendation: Traeger Hickory or Green Mountain Grills Premium Gold Blend



  1. Trim all excess fat and silver skin from the ribs.  Also remove the membrane from the back side of the ribs.
  2. Coat the ribs with a light coating of yellow mustard.
  3. Cover the ribs with your rub of choice.
  4. Let the ribs sit while you prepare the smoker.
  5. Set the pellet smoker to 180° F.
  6. Once the smoker reaches 180° F. Smoke the Ribs for 4 hours.
  7. Spritz the ribs with some Apple Juice, and insert the meat temperature probe into the fattest part of a rib.
  8. Raise the Pellet Smoker to 225° F.
  9. Continue to smoke the ribs at 225° F., until the meat temperature reaches 190° F.
  10. Enjoy!



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