Smoked T-Bone Steaks and Cowboy/Tomahawk Ribeye, Steak Fest!


2 T-Bone Steaks (2.25 Pounds total weight)
Cowboy/Tomahawk Ribeye Steak (2.25 Pounds)
Virgin Olive Oil
Garlic Powder or Minced Garlic

Wood for Smoking: Hickory Wood Chunks, soaked 1 or 2 hours in advance.


  1. Heat the butter and mix in garlic powder or minced garlic and set aside.
  2. Coat the meat with oil, then shake on salt and pepper liberally.
  3. Allow the meat to rest while warming the grill and wood chunks.
  4. Cook the meat on one side for 3 minutes at maximum heat, over 500° F.
  5. Flip the steaks.
  6. Cook the meat on the opposite side for 3 minutes at maximum heat, over 500° F.
  7. Start lowering the temperature to a target of 375° F.  Change to indirect heat.  And check meat temperature, the T-Bones should be fully cooked.
  8. Cover both sides of all meat with the butter and garlic mixture.
  9. Allow to cook for 1 minute, so the butter and garlic cooks in.
  10. Remove the T-Bone Steaks.
  11. Allow the Cowboy/Tomahawk Ribeye Steak to continue cooking till desired level of doneness is reached.  Use a meat thermometer to check temperature.
  12. Enjoy!