Smoked Pork Belly (Pellet Smoker Recipe)

7-8 pound Pork Belly
Pork Rub of Choice
1 Cup Apple Juice

Wood Pellets for Smoking: Traeger Applewood or Green Mountain Grills Premium Gold Blend


  1. Cut off any “Silver Skin”.
  2. Cover with dry rub of choice.
  3. Grill fat side up at 245° F., till meat temperature is 160° F., no mop.
  4. Turn to fat side down and continue to cook at 245° F., till meat temperature is 170° F.
  5. Texas Cheat, wrap in Butcher Paper, pour 1 cup of apple juice over the pork belly and close the Butcher Paper, so the liquid stays in.
  6. Continue to cook at 245° F. till internal temp is around 195° F. A meat probe should go in and out like butter.
  7. Allow the meat to rest for 30 minutes.
  8. Enjoy!

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