Rotisserie St. Louis Ribs, Weber Genesis II E-310


About 3 pounds of St. Louis Ribs/St. Louis Cut Ribs
Apple Juice
Other rubs/marinades/brine of choice as desired



  1. Prepare the ribs in advance to your liking, with trimming and seasoning or brining as desired.
  2. After placing on the Rotisserie, cook for 1 hour at 325° F., using indirect heat.  Two outside burners is best.
  3. Mop the ribs with Apple Juice.
  4. Cook for a 2nd hour at 325° F., continuing with indirect heat.
  5. Check meat temperature and if not yet 190° F., mop with more Apple Juice and continue to cook at 325°F, till meat is 190° F.
  6. Enjoy!