Rotisserie Glazed Ham (Weber Genesis II E-310 Propane Gas Grill Recipe)


10 Pound Ham, Hickory Smoked and Spiral Sliced.

Ham Glaze Ingredients:
2 cups of brown sugar
1 cup Apple Juice
1/4 Cup Honey
1 Tbs. All Spice Berries
1 Tbs. Fresh Ground Black Pepper


  1. Pre-heat the grill and then set to 350° F.  Use the two outer burners for indirect heat.
  2. Truss the Ham with Cooking Twine.
  3. Place the Ham on the rotisserie rod and spits and put the Ham onto the grill rotisserie.
  4. Allow to cook on the grill rotisserie at 350° F. for one hour.
  5. Open the grill and check the position of the rotisserie spits, the ham will likely shrink in length as it cooks.  So tighten up the rotisserie spits.
  6. Close the grill allow to continue cooking at 350° F. for one more hour.
  7. While the Ham is cooking, prepare the Ham Glaze, by mixing the ingredients over low/medium heat.
  8. Open the grill and check the position of the rotisserie spits again.  Tighten the rotisserie spits as needed.
  9. Check the meat temperature.
    1. If the meat is at 135° F. apply the Ham Glaze and cook for 15 more minutes at 350° F.   Then check if the meat is at least 145° F.
    2. If the meat is below 135°, continue to cook till 135° F. meat temperature is reached.  Then carry out the step above.
  10. Total cooking time may be 2.5 – 3.5 hours.  Be sure to adjust the rotisserie spits as needed, as the ham changes size during the cook.
  11. Enjoy!


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