How to Connect, Disconnect, Change and Check Propane Tanks on Gas Grills

You can follow these easy steps, to manage changing a Propane Gas Tank.  If you are just trying to setup a new tank, start at step #5.

  1. Turn Propane off at the tank.
    Turn clockwise till unable to turn.
  2. Disconnect from Grill Propane line.
    Turn the black knob connected to the Propane Tank Counter Clockwise till disconnected.
  3. Remove the old tank.
    Take it back to the store for an exchange and use as your backup tank.
  4. Remove the hose connector cover from the new tank.
  5. Place the new tank in the tank holder of your grill.
  6. Attached Grill Propane hose connector and turn clockwise till tight by hand.
  7. Turn on Propane, by turning the tank knob counter clockwise.
  8. Rub soapy water on the connectors, if no bubbles, all is likely safe from leaks.
  9. Now you can fire up your gas grill.
    To see how mine is started, see any of my food cook videos.